A Look at the New Custom USB Drives for Gulfstream

If you happen to be fortunate enough to be in the market for a new Gulfstream aircraft, not only will you be receiving one of the world’s most advanced business jets, but also a top-quality bespoke luggage tag USB drive.

The first time you hold this drive in your hand you instantly know it was designed for something special. Each
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Custom USB Drives for Harley-Davidson

Here is our latest project for Custom Vehicle Operations at Harley-Davidson.  It all started with their Willie G. skull and ended with one of the baddest drives we have ever made!

Sorry guys this one isn’t available for sale! They are only available with the purchase of a CVO bike direct with Harley.


Strong Alloy Case

Brushed Metal and
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The wait is over! The Miss America Crown USB Drives are up for pre-order now!

Yes, you read that right! We have all capacities of the Miss America Crown USB drive up for pre-order here, and we will be shipping them after the live pageant on January 12, 2013. These drives are available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities, with the 16GB and 32GB being USB 3.0 speed. If you would like to
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Just when you thought our flash drives couldn’t possibly get any cooler…

We give you the almighty Grendizer™ Incubot robot!

Once again we have paired up with INCUBOT Productions to create another incredible flash drive.  Just like our other projects with INCUBOT, the Grendizer™ Incubot is highly detailed with multiple points of articulation, but what makes the Grendizer™ Incubot so special is that it also comes with a USB hub modeled after
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Spreading Some Holiday Cheer With Help-Portrait and Little Knoll Photography

Recently we had the opportunity to partner up with Little Knoll Photography [http://littleknoll.smugmug.com/] and give something really special to those in need, their photograph.  If you haven’t heard yet, there is a global community of photographers and volunteers that offer up their skills and equipment every holiday season.  This movement is called Help-Portrait and takes place all over the world
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Happy Holidays from INCUBOT or Birth of the ELFBOT INCUBOT

Santa is going 2.0 so this year his workshop will be filled with ELFBOTS INCUBOT, similar to the one Alen Yen has produced. Sporting elf hats and christmas tree LED lights, ELFBOT INCUBOTs have transformed “the workshop” into an all-out toy assembly line (non-union, if I may add) that only General Motors can compete with.


  • Full 3D design
  • PVC

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CustomUSB’s Voltron™ Incubot Flash Drive is Featured in Inc Magazine

inc magazine custom voltron usb drive


CustomUSB has been featured in this month’s issue of Inc Magazine. Our products are one of the “five promotional gifts worth giving.” In fact, custom flash drives have been THE promotional products worth giving for the past five years, and we’ve been leading the way.

Anyways, here’s the link to the article: http://www.inc.com/magazine/20101001/five-promotional-gifts-worth-giving.html

Voltron™ Incubot Robot USB Drives by INCUBOT Productions

We often get involved in interesting and unique projects, but this one is by far the most creative. Over six months in the making from initial contact to finished and delivered product. Revision, additions, changes, and manipulations later, behold the pinnacle of our capabilities. Not just your average USB drive, this is the Voltron™ Incubot USB Drive.

This drive
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ToyboxDX USB Nekobots Incubot Robots

Ahhhhhhh, we’re being attacked by giant robots. No wait, they’re just the new Nekobots Incubot Robot shaped USB drives designed by ToyboxDX [http://www.incubot.com/usbs.html] and produced by yours truly.

These rubber custom drives have moving arms and head. They split at the waist to expose the USB plug. They also come with an LED on the chest that lights up
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