The Secret Path to Trade Show & Conference Success

Cat Hybrid Bus Custom USB Replica Flash Drive

Conference attendees are often inundated with new and innovative ideas from speakers and breakout sessions. Not to mention the onslaught of goodies and giveaways they’re assaulted with as they move through the trade show floor. You can breathe new life into your trade show promotional campaign by following these tips and the savvy moves of companies that have figured out
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Custom Wooden Flash Drives for Life Long Studios

Life Long Studios Photography - CustomUSB Flash Drive Closeup
CustomUSB has worked with hundreds of Photographers and Photography Studios over the years. USB flash drives are a great substitute for DVDs, saving both time and money.

One of our clients, Life Long Studios, recently wrote this blog post about us. We were so smitten, that we just had to share it.

Life Long Studios is a boutique wedding photography
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The Gigs.2.Go Kickstarter is Live

When we first mentioned the Gigs.2.Go USB drive it was all over the web, and everyone was asking how they could get their hands on one.  Since then we have been working with BOLTgroup to perfect the design, and they have finally released it!  If you are one of the many that can’t wait to get one, you can be
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CustomUSB is Partnering with BOLTgroup to make GIGS.2.GO

A couple months ago the concept of GIGS.2.GO was released and caused quite a stir on tech blogs and elsewhere on the internet. Well we at CustomUSB are proud to announce a new licensing partnership with BOLTgroup. Through this partnership, we will be manufacturing the GIGS.2.GO USB drive.

The GIGS.2.GO drive is about the size of a credit card, made
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Custom Eco Square USB Drives for Figlewicz Photography

Here is a great example of pairing a custom USB drive to your own personality and brand.  Just look at these Woodsman2 Flash Drives, and then hop over to the Figlewicz Photography website [http://figlewiczphotography.com/] to see exactly what I mean.

If you are looking for the perfect USB drive for your brand you can view our selection here,
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Thomson Reuters Wooden Chess Piece USB Drive is First in Set

We’re building a USB chess set and the King, made by Thomson Reuters, is the first piece. Aside from being chess lovers, the good people at Thomson Reuters also provided businesses and communities with intelligent information about, well, everything. If you’ve never heard of Thomson Reuters, I don’t know where you’ve been the last 10 years.

Each drive was precision
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