$2 USB Drives…

…do not exist! Time after time, we continue to receive calls about unrealistically priced USB drives ($1, $2, $3, someone even asked for $0.25). Everyone, I understand you have budgetary constraints, and limited resources, and don’t want to spend a lot on “just giveaways,” but consider this: would you drive a $100 car or wear an $80 suit to an
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USP – That’s USB in Chinese

Ran across a Chinese “competitor” and saw the following in the specifications under one of the USB models. Pretty funny. In any case, if you want a cheaper price, I would be happy to refer you to these guys.

    1. Adopt USB1.1/2.0 connect, support is hot to put to pull out, plug-and-play. DO not need to circumscribe power supply, the direct

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Is Apple a Flash Chip Bully? (repost from extremetech.com)

Repost from ExtremeTech.com

A rather provocative article in The Korea Times claims that Apple is using its market power to bludgeon the NAND flash market. 

The claim is that Apple uses its iPod and iPhone clout to order a large amount of flash memory, then actually purchasing a smaller amount, the Times article charges [http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/tech/2009/11/133_56338.html].

“Apple has asked Korean semiconductor
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October 2009 Flash Price Increase

So prices are going up again. Here’s an explanation.

NAND Flash, the memory component used inside USB drives is a commodity product, like gold or oil. Its price is controlled by supply, demand and various market conditions. In the beginning of the year, costs were at an all time low so to equalize the market, Samsung and Toshiba reduced output
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Flash Prices are Going Up – Thanks Apple

NAND Flash Price Increase

Prices have been steadily rising since late January and now we (everyone in the flash market) are facing another increase. Apple recently announced that it’s starting development on a 32GB iPhone. It also made a bulk purchase of 100 million 8GB flash chips, which pretty much drained the market, causing a significant shortage. It is still too early to tell
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Chipsbank, USBest, Downgraded Flash and the Truth About USB Controller Chip Quality

Chipsbank USB Controller Chips

Earlier this week, I received an email from a Chinese USB drive manufacturer asking us if we wanted to use him as a vendor. While the answer was “no, thank you,” his email still got my attention. It contained an attachment – a PDF document titled “Truth for Crazy Low Price in Market.” I was curious enough to open it
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