October 2009 Flash Price Increase

So prices are going up again. Here’s an explanation.

NAND Flash, the memory component used inside USB drives is a commodity product, like gold or oil. Its price is controlled by supply, demand and various market conditions. In the beginning of the year, costs were at an all time low so to equalize the market, Samsung and Toshiba reduced output
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Positive Feedback: City of Hillsboro

I generally post testimonials that people send me personally, however this one deserves a mention. Good job, Eddie, my coaching does not go unrewarded.

Hello Mr. Molochnikov,

I have been working with Edward Kantorovich on a flash drive order for my non-profit association’s conference in October and I wanted to inform you that you have an excellent employee in him.  

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Business Card USB Drives for HBO’s Bored to Death


Last Sunday, HBO aired the first episode of it’s new series, Bored to Death. This is an HBO original comedy about a young writer who becomes a private detective.

An original series requires an original promotion. This is why HBO chose us (again). The USB drive they picked, was our Card Disk Mini Flip model. It was printed with
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