The True Blood USB – All of the Ingredients, Minus the Bloody Mess

Case Study

True Blood, an HBO hit and favorite among lovers of all things supernatural, centers around the love story of Sookie Stackhouse, a human who happens to read minds and Bill Compton a 173-year-old vampire. This love story is only possible due to the creation of synthetic blood, “True Blood”, which allows the vampires to live without having to harm humans. To give fans a piece of memorabilia they will enjoy for years to come, CustomUSB created a realistic replica of the iconic True Blood bottle used in the show. The best part, hidden inside the bottle is a fully functional USB drive capable of storing the entire True Blood series or any of your other bloody good files.

Project Objective Statement

CustomUSB strove to create a unique, functional, and durable retail USB Drive for the fans of HBO’s hit TV series True Blood.


When creating the True Blood USB, the team knew that they wanted the design to be emblematic of the show. It didn’t take long before the team settled on the namesake of the show itself – the True Blood bottles. On the show these glass bottles are filled with red synthetic blood, giving them a red cast and a rather unsettling appearance. The team wanted these USBs to be exact replicas of the original bottles which meant no detail would be spared during their creation. To ensure an accurate portrayal, the design team included all of the text written on the bottles such as “O-positive” and “blood orange” as well as the Japanese markings on the glass portion (in the show, the Japanese were the ones who created True Blood.) 

After figuring out what the outward appearance of the bottles would be, the team then needed to figure out where to put the USB. Thankfully this decision was relatively easy. The design team decided that just as you would crack open a refreshing bottle of synthetic blood, you would similarly crack open a True Blood USB. Thus, the USB can be accessed by pulling off the top portion of the bottle.


The creation of this USB would not be possible without our team’s ability to procure the licensing rights from HBO. The licensing process involved collaboration with the HBO team to ensure that the design was accurate and that the product and packaging lived up to their high standards. Our teams were able to quickly come to a consensus about how this product should look and our creative and manufacturing teams were able to take this product from the ideation phase to production without delay.


The team chose to manufacture the USBs out of polycarbonate. This strong and durable plastic is capable of being transparent. This made it the perfect material to create our transparent red bottles.

Tech Specs

The Basics: Durable, waterproof, and removable USB drive.

Weight: 0.035 Lbs

Dimensions: 2.32 X 0.87 X 0.87 In

Memory: This USB comes in multiple gigabites that you can sink your teeth into: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB

Interface: Hi-Speed USB 2.0

Final Product Description 

These True Blood replica bottles are blood red and include all of the text and bottle markings as the original bottles seen on the show. They contain a hidden high-quality USB and since we know it can be a pain in the neck to lose your USB, we included an attached key chain so you can always have your files on hand when you need them. This drive comes in cylindrical cardboard packaging with the red and white True Blood Logo at the bottom.



The team was thrilled with the results of this USB release, the sales, and interest that were generated as a result of this licensing project encouraged our team to continue to pursue more licensed custom USBs inspired by popular culture. We understand how impactful certain TV shows and movies can be on people’s lives and we love that for many people our tech products are able to serve as a reminder of a show that has brought them joy.

Customer/Market Feedback

This USB was a huge hit with fans of True Blood, and we were blown away by the number of people who were searching for this type of memorabilia. The “fandom” market is ripe for tech that is both useful and collectible, which was clear to see by the many positive or should we say O positive reviews we received as well as the excitement that surrounded the release of this product. While vampires may have been disappointed to discover that these USBs don’t contain any nutrients, our customers were thrilled by the digital ingredients.

Amazon customer

Youtube Review

This popular youtuber does a CustomUSB unboxing and shows off some of our unique licensing projects, which includes the True Blood USB. Her impressed reaction and the comments under the video say it all!

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